Eternal Winter (2018) by Attila Szász

The multi-awarded historical drama “Eternal Winter” by Attila Szász is the first about the Hungarian prisioners in the Russian gulags. It takes place in the final months of 1944, earl 1945, World War II when the Russian army was marching to Europe and revenging the destruction made by the powers of the Axis.

Marina stars as Irén, a young mother that is sent to a gulag to mine coal. She must face her fears and test her values to survive an eternal winter in the hardest place mankind ever lived in.

The film got some awards across the globe, namely Best Film, Best Director (to Attila Szász), Best Cinematography (to András Nagy), Best Screenplay (to Norbert Köbli and
Attila Szász) and of course, Best Actress to Marina Gera.

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